Do Not Underestimated the Wow Effect of BPM!

wowI have been working on a huge Business Process Management project for some time – selling the project has been a major task. For some time I have wondered how to make this sell so that all would understand – even managers without knowledge of Business Process Management. Should it be explaining how to use Business Process Management linking strategy go operations? See [Build your BPM Strategy, or Fail] – but it gets too complicated and only understandable by people with Business Process Management interest.

Last week I found the diamond: in general, a BPM expert would start explaining about the top levels – strategy – core- and noncore processes. And after a LOT of talk which is understandable for only the few (us), the subject would end in the process itself (level 4 EPC). THIS doesn´t work – after 5 minutes I would have lost the audience. So my angle will be different. The plan is:

  • Launch the ARIS Business Publisher
  • Ask the audience what is important for them and the company
  • Give one of the managers the keypad – and type what they like – same style as Google
  • Show them how to find their own process
  • Launch a job description for one of the manager employees

The first time I saw the above mentioned – I thought “Wow, this is Business Process Management…!”

Empower the employees to find the process and use it.

Made Google Easy!


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By Anders Bang Christoffersen @ Process Wizard | June 11, 2012

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