Change Management – a Must-Have for BPM

Leaders who successfully transform businesses do eight things right (and they do them in the right order).

John P. Kotter



“Ohh no, not change management – it’s something for the IT guys. It is not necessary when implementing Business Process Management. We’ll just draw the processes and publish them…”

You couldn’t be more wrong; change management must be an integral part of launching Business Process Management projects. Launching a Business Process Management project is one of the largest transformations you can do as a manager.

Have you launched a BPM project – how many of the below mentioned have you remembered:

  1. Establish a sense of urgency
  2. Form a powerful guiding coalition
  3. Create a vision
  4. Communicate the vision
  5. Empower others to act on the vision
  6. Plan for and create short term wins
  7. Consolidate improvements and produce more change
  8. Institutionalize new approaches

Have you performed 40 %, 50 %, 60 % or 80 % of the above? Than you have probably failed or been lucky if you have been successful. This is not just a casual blogger that writes this, but a leading transformation expert that states this – John P. Kotter in his article called: Leading Change – Why Transformation Efforts Fail, which can be found at

Have I tried to fail in change management – I most certainly have – but I have learned by the experience: The article by John P. Kotter now hangs in my office in poster size – even though the poster hangs and tries to remember of what to do I’ll probably fail again.

But I’m only human, using BPM to find and eliminate the failures.

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By Anders Bang Christoffersen @ Process Wizard | May 29, 2012

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