BPM Predicts | The Verticals of Promise for the next 5 years

BPM predictionsI love predictions and I guess so do many of you! The beauty is that anyone can make a prediction – That’s the good part! And you can be all wrong – That’s the bad part!

Nevertheless, based on my observations, research, objective analysis, real life interactions with customers, “gut” and judgment – I’m writing this post on the Verticals of Promise for BPM for the next 5 years!


1) HealthCare
2) Education
3) Nationalized Banks
4) Oil and Gas Industry
5) Government (especially the Policy Making engine)

And whether I am right or wrong – I’ll know in 2017!
Till then, you can make your own BPM predicts… Leave comment to let us know!


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By Nischala @ Wipro | May 21, 2012

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