Is there a REAL VALUE in BPM Certifications?

bpm-certificateOver the recent past, one interesting trend that I have observed is the increased focus on BPM Certifications from all perspectives:

  1. Customers implementing BPM solutions ask for BPM certified consultants / practitioners;
  2. Product vendors are bringing out different levels of certifications for different types of skills – Analyst, BPM Architect / Senior Architect, etc.;
  3. Independant Service Providers are providing Training services to train and equip candidates for BPM certifications;
  4. SIs / BPM Implementation providers are demanding consultants / practitioners to prepare and procure BPM certifications to enhance their own positioning in the marketplace.

According to Gartner, General BPM certification will grow in value but will not be materially relevant to BPM hiring decisions before 2015.The need for skilled and experienced personnel to lead and participate in BPM activities is clear. What is also clear is the eclectic nature of that skill set and, by definition, the individuals who possess it.


But the real question is this – Is there a REAL VALUE in BPM Certifications?

Can you expect a BPM practitioner / BPM consultant to understand the complex ever-growing myriad world of BPM (whose boundaries and definition itself is somewhat nebulous) by clearing a certification?

Well… I think the answer is YES and NO:

YES because a BPM certification is really an indicator for the following:
1) That the individual has at least the theoretical framework and knowledge on BPM concepts and product knowledge;
2) That this knowledge has been ratified in an objective way.

The best analogy I can give is this – Why does anyone ask you for your educational qualification when you apply for a job?


But does this mean that if a BPM project is staffed with all BPM certified consultants and practitioner’s it will be a GUARANTEED SUCCESS? Probably, NOT!

And NO because “TRUE” understanding of BPM really comes for experience.. Experience in talking to customers, experience from being part of several BPM implementations (of different scale) and actually see the difference (positive / negative) a BPM solution has actually played in an enterprise! And in my view, this knowledge and understanding can NEVER be amassed from any number of certifications – It is the real life EXPERIENCE which counts and makes the difference?


What’s your view on BPM Certifications? Leave a comment to let us know…


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By Nischala @ Wipro | May 16, 2012

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