Having a Business Processes Office: Is It a Decisive Factor?

processesAn essential element, especially in medium and large organizations, is the Business Processes Office (BPO).

So what is a Business Processes Office ? What is its role? What advantages does it offer?

The Business Processes Office is the organizational unit responsible for mapping, redesign, optimization, management and maintenance of all organizational processes. Sometimes it may also have responsibility for managing all ongoing improvements in continuous development in organizations.

Some organizations already have the Office of “Projects”. As we all know, projects have a beginning, middle and end, and usually after the implementation of the project has become an organizational routine, so it becomes an organizational “process”.

There are organizational areas responsible for Strategy, Technology, Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Logistics and so on. How can all these areas be aligned to the business, through an “element” that makes the “glue” between user areas (end activities), business processes and innovations, changes and new technologies present?

The role of the BPO has to be exactly this: allow synergy, assertiveness, cohesion, integration and alignment of corporate initiatives.

The organizations currently suffer from the syndrome of fragmentation of information and flows of activities and initiatives. Not seldom there are also legacy systems, ERP systems and an endless series of applications with varied features and methodologies, models and concepts to manage several orders spread over several organizational areas.

How can we ensure a vision and mapping of all this organizational setting, but through an area that is responsible for monitoring, analyzing and studying the impacts and interrelationships existing in this business  dynamic?

Often too, many initiatives in areas of innovation and technology (Competitive Intelligence – MKT / Logistics, Systems, Projects) are conducted to meet the same end, i.e. developing solutions in parallel which totally blow each other away. This leads to duplication of efforts and waste of time and money for the organization.

This reinforces the need for joint efforts and integrated actions on the part of all areas related to the company’s strategies, systems, intelligence, improvements. I (thus) emphasize that this is onlu possible through a BPO.

Going on step further: In the near future, it will be the task of the BPO (or another name that meets the future for this area) of becoming a “War Room”, a nerve center, monitoring the dashboards in real time with the various indicators for the organization, and signaling to other areas the applicable actions and initiatives to correct deviations for each case, or to implement improvements. Fact is, these indicators are currently monitored by area “owners” of these indicators, however, there is no concern regarding the correlation with indicators of other areas. A logistic indicator cannot be directly connected to a commercial or financial indicator. A production indicator cannot be directly connected to a supply or maintaince indicator.

As long as we do not see the organization as an integrated whole, there will be fearsome feuds and negative consequences in terms of performance, alignment, profitability, quality and productivity.


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By Vitor Alberto Klein @ Trends Consulting | May 7, 2012

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