Does Your Business Have IT?

ITDo you have IT? She has IT and he has IT and they have IT, but that guy over there does not have IT. In businesses, some businesses have IT and other businesses say “Shhhhhhhhhhhh”, we don’t have IT. So what is IT?

IT is not information technology, IT is not a movie or a book, but you can lose IT, and when you do lose IT, where does IT go?

From a business perspective, IT means the business operate in a manner where they provide great products and/ or services in a profitable manner.  From this definition of IT, we can derive that the business in all likelihood conducts itself by defining their business processes with a focus on their customers, then determining what can and should be supported by information technology automation (not the IT I am referring to, but IT could have IT).
A business with IT would determine the success criteria and the measurements to ensure they are getting IT and what to correct when they are not getting IT.

A business with IT will define their business processes that align with the strategies and goals of the business, fully engage the work force in organizational change to support IT, and then manage their business where they rely and refer to their business processes to ensure they are getting IT or increasing IT. IT is ultimately effective and efficient processes.

I try to have IT, many businesses try to have IT, do you or your organization have IT?  If not, now you know how you get IT.  Got IT?

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By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | May 1, 2012

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