If a tree falls… a comparison to BPM

Tree - BPM LeaderIf a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, will it make a noise?

The obvious and first answer is of course, it will swoosh as it falls, the wood will crack and pop and it will make a thumping sound when it hits the ground.  But adding a little time for reflection, it may not make a noise, since no one can hear it fall.

Not to get to philosophical, but when you ask a similar question regarding BPM, what is the response?
So I will ask, if you develop a business process in a vacuum, with no input from subject matter experts (SMEs) and no executive buy-in, will it make a noise?  The obvious answer to me is NO! If you define and potentially automate a process without the input from the organization, who will use it? How will you get buy-in from the organization? What are you trying to accomplish? What about obtaining input from your Customers?

So it is important to first identify a business problem that requires the resources (people and systems) to resolve, then determine a solution and implement that solution.
It will require the resources of the organization to develop a plan of attack to resolve the problem, to model the current state to understand the scope of the current problem and potentially uncover additional problems.
It will require resources to identify future state opportunities for potential inclusion to resolve the business problem, then it will take resources to design a future state business process that will resolve the problem. Along the way, it will take resources to define the metrics to monitor the new process to ensure the business problem is resolved and of course, it will take resources to build and implement the solution along with resources to support a fairly smooth organizational change.

The point is, business processes cannot nor should not be created in a vacuum, and resources will be required to resolve business problems.  Further, by including resources to resolve the business problem, you will make a lot of favorable noise that the organization and its customers will hear.



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By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | April 19, 2012

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