Change and Business Process Management

Based on extensive literature research on scientific journals, I have found the following factors related to Change Management perspective to be relevant for an organization to succeed in Business Process Management. You can read this list through and think about how these matters are in your organization, no matter if you are new to BPM or already seasoned.

There are training and educational programs to update employees’ skills.

People need to have good skills on their jobs. When you train employees, it does not just increase happiness, it will also help you to get your change programs through easier. That is because people do what they know and if you do not train them to know new things, the old ways will die hard. Especially in BPM, where the term is not always clear to everyone, it is important for your organization to train people to understand the concepts of BPM.

The reward system adjusts to serve the employees after the changes.

People do what they get rewarded on. When you do process improvement in your organization, remember to keep your reward system up-to-date and reward people only for the results that you want to achieve in your organization. Actually, when you want to change something, you should change the reward system first so that people are eager to change things rather than staying with old ways. As you well know: “Money talks…”

BPM concepts and methodologies are known and understood.

Business Process Management is not very clearly defined term. It will mean different things in different organizations. Therefore you should train your people to know the basic concepts and methods, so that will will have common language to talk about change programs. This includes also top management, which should have and use the same language as employees also.

People are eager to improve the existing state of processes.

The culture of organization should be change positive. When people are rewarded on change and they are taught to embrace positive change, then doing change programs will be easier and faster. People will resist what they are afraid of, so feed the atmosphere of questioning current state of processes and foster the ideas that people have for improvements.

The project plan for re-engineering processes is adequate.

You should start with the end in mind. How do you change your organization from current situation to the new one? Do you have enough resources? Is there enough time, money, etc. to make the change program successfully?

You can reflect above mentioned factors to your organization for example with following thought provoking questions:

  • What are your people rewarded on?
  • Do you ask employees for new ideas and take them into use?
  • Do you have training programs for BPM?
  • Is your customer experience aligned with process improvements?
  • Are your employees eager to improve the processes that you have now?
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By Janne Ohtonen @ For a FREE process leadership book - CLICK HERE | March 27, 2012

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