What is Most Challenging in BPM Design and Development?

Challenges for BPM professionalsI am using Cordys as a development tool. I found it’s a challenge to understand a business scenario and design the business process accordingly. I am working as a senior developer in my team and most of the time have to cater with the development stuff which is related to the BPM tool know-hows and the way of coding and customizing the process model in line with the business requirements.

Based on various learning experiences, I got to know that designing a business process model is very difficult. Of course, the actual design of a business oriented process is most crucial and difficult to do, but for a developer I think there are other challenges as well:

  • The BPM domain is not as enriched with lots of online materials as some of the other communities like Web applications etc.
  • Dependence on services makes the development process slower and I think it may put a road block in the overall application response time
  • Learning is difficult as not much resources are available
  • Limited level of reach to write complex and business oriented code
  • Not possible to compare Business Models using any file comparison tool

According to you: which is the most critical/challenging and must-know part in BPM; that means designing a process model without getting into the coding stuff or needing in-depth knowledge about how to code and customize the business process model with a specific tool?

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By Ashish Mathur @ Mercer | February 23, 2012

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