BPM – What Do All These People Do?

people-bpm-leaderThis is my first BPM blog under BPM leader. My focus is on BPM as a problem solving methodology/ approach and I hope to share with you in a conversational and interesting way, my thoughts and views on BPM.  Please enjoy.

The other day while sitting in traffic, I began to wonder what all those people on this crowded highway, standing in line at airport security or waiting in line at Starbucks, do for a living? It is safe to say; they probably use and interact with several processes every day, at home, at work and in transit between the two. So as a business process professional, my mind wondered, do they follow documented processes supported by automation and measured by meaningful metrics? Do they contribute to increasing customer value at their respective organizations?

As I further wondered, I bet they use informal processes or processes that are out of date, with no formal metrics, and probably everyone is doing things differently. The result is they get work done, but could it be better?  Then I drift off to … what if they followed a BPM approach and a mindset of:

  1. Define a business problem
  2. Plan the BPM approach by determining the scope and complexity of the problem
  3. Document the current state
  4. Analyze for future state improvements
  5. Design the future state
  6. Support throughout with organizational change

What would the results be?

Could businesses be more effective and increase customer and employee satisfaction? The answer I believe is yes and as I revel in this thought, I wonder what all of the honking outside is about?  That is when I realize, oh, back to reality and stop holding the traffic! Ah well, it was a great diversion for a while.

Looking forward to your comments on this blog!

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By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | February 20, 2012

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