What to do, when discovery uncovers systemic faults (2)

Note: this BPM implementation is still in progress, we go live this month.

As I stated in my first post on this topic, in the process of discovery we uncovered, IT system issues that had been lingering for years, and the work-around had a become to “throw people at it”.

I thought to myself while the process model is changing, the systems are not, for at least another 6-8 months. A longer term part of the implementation will be replacing a homegrown legacy application with an off the shelf enterprise solution. I won’t call it an epiphany, but as close as one can come in dealing with a losing situation. Whatever systems issues that exist today, will exist tomorrow, and we will manage through them. We can implement the new model and document the deficiencies, and get fixed what we can (and what is economically feasible until the new system comes on line). Once that became the generally accepted course of action, all of the pieces have begun to fall in place.

We have documented the new processes to include a fault reporting process, that was put in place immediately to get the IT issues into IT. The team has been instructed that we do not “live with things” that impede the business, just “because that’s the way things are”. It’s really reinvigorated the team, and given them new energy.

It’s really become a positive consequence of the BPM roll out, finding these problems and addressing them, in that the team now feels they have support. We implement in a couple of weeks, and I feel our approach will insure a successful roll out!


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By Les Lammonds @ BPM Expert | February 2, 2012

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