What to do, when discovery uncovers systemic faults? (1)

In the midst of your project, moving a process or functions to other work groups, what do you do when the process not only fails but the OSS is failed along with the process?

First let me thank Reint, he doesnt know me from Adam. Thanks for letting me share some of my BPM insights and experiences.

Second, this post will share the good with the bad, and the hard reality of what BPM professionals are faced with daily. As a result of what we do, these are the situations we take on. In order to be sucessful, it takes flexibly, the ability to engage others in frank, hard conversations.

My recent task has been to implement a highly successful business model into an acquisition organization, that is reluctant to say the least. I followed the proper protocol, and document, document, document. In the process of discover we found a multitude of systemic faults, process and departments put in place due to process non-compliance and a lack of proper IT systems testing.

With the time line I have agreed to for implementation, there is no way we can get even a hint of automated help. The IT systems we need are experiencing the same, acquisition paralysis and amnesia I have often found. So what now? How can we roll this and still be successful?

More to follow in my next blog.

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By Les Lammonds @ BPM Expert | January 28, 2012

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