Process, Learning & The Division of Labour

Process, learning & division of labour
By Craig Reid @ The Process Ninja | January 17, 2012

With every piece of new work or indeed any new experience we undertake in our lives we go through a┬áprocess of learning. We may watch the task, repeat the task, read about the task – there are many different ways … read more

Mobile for Better Availability of Process Information

Mobile availability of business process information
By Martijn Meijer @ Meilleur Marketing | January 10, 2012

In my previous post, I explained how mobile devices play a crucial role in process monitoring and process modeling as well as in collaboration. The availability of the right information at the right time at the right place is one … read more

Five Considerations when Starting BPM

Starting with business process management
By Reint Jan Holterman @ BPM Leader | January 9, 2012

Companies start with Business Process Management (BPM) to solve urgent business problems. Problems might include that the throughput time is too long, the process┬ácontains errors, or the compliance criteria are not met.   Solve urgent business problems BPM can solve … read more

BPM and Social Media

Social Media and BPM
By Reint Jan Holterman @ BPM Leader | January 6, 2012

Today, there is a lot of discussion about how Business Process Management (BPM) and social media can enrich each other. The topic comes up at almost every BPM software meeting and BPM conference. This blog provides an overview of how … read more

Mobile BPM to Collaborate, Model and Monitor

BPM for mobile processes
By Martijn Meijer @ Meilleur Marketing | January 5, 2012

Mobile BPM With the explosive growth of the use of mobile devices, it is obvious to question what would be the added value of mobile BPM. The extend to which you can use mobile BPM highly depends on the actual … read more