Does More Customer Interaction Lead to Better Experience?

Customer centric - BPM Leader

Discussion about good and especially bad customer service experiences is favorite topic of many coffee table conversations. These customer interactions can be called also as moments of truth (read more about them from Jan Carlzon‘s book titled “Moments of Truth”). … read more

Chaos Theory and BPM

By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | February 27, 2012

My first real recollection of the use of chaos theory was from the movie Jurassic Park. Based on the book by Michael Crichton, Jeff Goldblum played the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaos theorist. A chaos theorist uses mathematical … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Pricing 101

cartoon - bpm leader
By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | February 24, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Pricing 101. Brought to you by our friends at  

Is Agile Software Development working in BPM?

By Jerome Pearce @ Process Mapping | February 23, 2012

Business Process Management is probably the first area where Software Development is almost entirely ‘Agile’. In the past few years we have begun to question the validity of relying too much this approach. Also, there is a very interesting post … read more

What is Most Challenging in BPM Design and Development?

Challenges for BPM Professionals
By Ashish Mathur @ Mercer | February 23, 2012

I am using Cordys as a development tool. I found it’s a challenge to understand a business scenario and design the business process accordingly. I am working as a senior developer in my team and most of the time have … read more

Project delivery – A formula for success

By Marc Duke @ Celaton | February 22, 2012

Often, project delivery is seen like a lottery and hitting a milestone in the schedule is as rare as an eclipse. Throughout our working lives we participate in, lead and watch or are on the receiving end of projects, small and … read more

Inside the Process Multiverse

Multiverse Process - BPM Leader
By Sanooj Kutty @ The Information Manager | February 21, 2012

As a child growing up in the UAE, I remember a distant relative visiting us and educating my dad about sending money home to his parents in India through him and his “contacts” and that dad would get a better … read more

BPM – What Do All These People Do?

People - BPM Leader
By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | February 20, 2012

This is my first BPM blog under BPM leader. My focus is on BPM as a problem solving methodology/ approach and I hope to share with you in a conversational and interesting way, my thoughts and views on BPM.  Please … read more

Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Resolve

pencil - BPM Leader
By Matthew Heffron @ Sourcing Sage | February 17, 2012

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Resolve. Brought to you by our friends at

Thoughts on BPM Strategy

By Anders Bang Christoffersen @ Process Wizard | February 16, 2012

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. (Sun-Tzu)   Throughout the years a lot BPM initiatives have appeared, and only some of them successful. One of the main reasons for … read more