Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction Using Six Sigma

By Matt Milstead @ CBIS | August 3, 2015

Six Sigma principles and strategies have been used for years, but some business owners are just beginning to see the benefits of using these tools. One of the biggest benefits of Six Sigma is increased productivity. Increasing productivity is one … read more

Involving End Users in Big Change

By Eli Stutz @ PNMsoft | July 30, 2015

In its Agenda Overview for Business Process Management, 2015, Gartner makes it clear that the primary challenge businesses face today is their ability to cope with and achieve Big Change. Business disruption is a constant reality, and organizational change agents … read more

5 BPM Trends To Watch Right Now

trends and steps in BPM
By Andrew Altaf @ TGO Consulting | July 28, 2015

Business Process Management (BPM) has made some waves in recent years. With the growing demand for efficiency and information processing, businesses are pushing themselves to keep up with the immediate needs of growing customer bases. A huge part of ensuring … read more

Infographic: What are the Best Business Processes to Automate

By Maria Paz Cuturi @ Flokzu | July 21, 2015

If you think that your business can benefit from Business Process Management but don’t know where to start, this infographic will help you understand which are the best processes to automate using BPM and which ones aren’t. Also, the post BPM explained … read more

5 Things Every Executive Should Do to Build Customer Experiences


There is no substitute for leadership. If executives won’t care about the customers of a company, no one will. And this includes also the self-fallacy of already being customer-centric, since only very few companies really are. So, what are the five key things every executive should do to build customer experiences of a company? Continue reading read more

How to Accelerate Enterprise BPM Projects

By Eli Stutz @ PNMsoft | July 14, 2015

BPM holds both a promise and anxiety for the Enterprise. Large companies and public bodies who have not yet migrated to BPM, know that such projects can have a major beneficial impact on their operations and their bottom line. They … read more

Why Selling is Essential for SMEs

By Maria Paz Cuturi @ Flokzu | July 9, 2015

To survive, every business needs to generate profits, which ultimately means selling. Companies that are established and have a larger infrastructure can overcome difficult times or decide to focus on areas other than sales. But for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) just … read more

First BPM Implementation: Pick your Battles

BPM Strategy
By Mohamed Elkholy @ K2 | July 7, 2015

How to pick your battle? One of the success factors in a BPM implementation is knowing how to pick which workflow to automate. There are two different views on how to approach this topic: one side likes to tackle the … read more

Enterprise Modeling Space: Perspective on Enterprise Architecture Modeling

By Arun Kumar Asokan @ Infosys ltd. | July 3, 2015

Enterprise Architecture Modeling enables both IT and Business people to build blueprints which will provide valuable insights between strategic plans and operational execution. Just as a builder needs a building blueprint to start the construction or to renovate, every organization … read more

Portugal Telecom BPM webinar: slides & recording

By Vasileios Kospanos @ PNMSOFT | July 1, 2015

We were delighted to be part of the webinar with our customers, Portugal Telecom, earlier this week. Gonçalo Mendes, Head of Retail Development & Optimization at Portugal Telecom, shared his BPM story with the audience. One way we can summarize it … read more